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Building a custom home involves many choices. We’ve compiled the questions we're asked most frequently as an easy resource to help you find the answers you need quickly.

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What is CitySide?

CitySide is an exciting new division of the highly regarded Central Florida homebuilder Silliman Homes. Drawing on nearly 4 decades of success as one of the region’s pre-eminent builders, Silliman CitySide offers homebuyers the unique opportunity to purchase elegant, semi-custom homes in some of the region’s most exclusive and revered communities. CitySide fulfills the dream of owning a brand new home in coveted communities like Bay Hill, College Park, Winter Park and Windermere.
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Do your lenders offer a “Professional Loan Program”?

Yes. Our lenders offer a 90% loan to value up to $1,000,000 loan amount available to qualifying physicians, dentists and Certified Public Accountants.
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Do you have lenders that you typically work with?

Yes. We have four approved lenders that we currently work with and with whom we have enjoyed long-term positive relationships.
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Do you have plans to build any homes in the medium size range, say 2,000 to 2,600 square feet of living space?

Absolutely. We intend to offer an attractive selection of floor plans that meet the needs of both young professionals starting out and “baby boomers” looking to downsize. Our goal is to offer our clients the opportunity to own a modern, new home in a great older neighborhood regardless of the size home they desire.
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Are there any alternatives to tile roofs?

Yes. You may also specify fiberglass shingles if the location and community permit them.  
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How much input can we expect to have on decorating decisions?

At the pre-sale stage, prior to start of construction, you have the ability to impact virtually all of the decorating decisions. If you are contemplating the purchase of a CitySide home already under construction, its stage of completion will dictate the degree to which we are able to accommodate your decorating input.
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What kind of latitude do I have in specifying replacements or upgrades to CitySide’s standard features?

You have a multitude of choices in each of the following areas:
Gourmet Kitchens
Pool Area
Home Entertainment
Plumbing Fixtures
Interior Appointments
Energy & Healthy Living Options
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Where can we see some of CitySide’s finished homes?

At the moment our beautifully furnished Award Winning model home on Lake Butler in Windermere is available for viewing.
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Can we modify one of your CitySide homes that’s already under construction?

Unfortunately, no. Once construction has begun it is too late to make changes. However our large selection of floor plans and your ability to specify changes or modifications before the fact should result in our being able to build you the home that you envision. 
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Will CitySide build on my own existing lot?

In most cases, yes. But it depends upon the location of your lot. If it is within the Central Florida areas where we normally build we should be able to accommodate you. However, please let us know at the outset where your lot is located so we can quickly determine whether we are equipped to build there.   
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Is it possible to customize or design our own plan?

It’s not only possible; CitySide actually has specific programs in place to assist you in modifying an existing plan or designing a home “from scratch”.
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Suppose I need a new home immediately?

CitySide can accommodate you. Anticipating that some of our buyers have the need or desire to occupy their new home quickly, we are in the process of building 11 exceptional inventory homes in highly desired communities throughout Central Florida.
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How long does it take CitySide to build a new home?

A typical new build requires 8 to 9 months from start to finish, slightly longer if a teardown is involved. CitySide takes pride in delivering new homes on time and on budget. In fact our contract will specify the agreed upon completion date, and we are never late. Prior to the start of construction we will provide you with an agreement that explains both the buyer and the builder’s responsibilities and deadlines which must be met to ensure the promised timely completion of your new home.
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How much of a down payment is required to obtain a $1M loan?

Typically a 25% down payment is required. However, sometimes exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis. 
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What kind of homes does CitySide build?

We build semi-custom homes of innovative design. CitySide homes reflect the good taste and demanding requirements of our clientele and are long on amenities. Employing the most up-to-date building techniques we fashion Santa Barbara style homes with tile roofs, warm stucco exteriors and a welcoming Florida flair. We like to think of our CitySide homes as the home “re-imagined" and a place that complements and enhances the lifestyle of its owner. 
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How can you offer sites for new homes in established neighborhoods?

CitySide maintains a large inventory of the best locations in many of Central Florida’s most desired “A-list” communities. In some cases the home sites are vacant. In others, older homes are ready for teardown. To ensure that desirable home sites remain constantly available, CitySide conducts an ongoing search to replenish our select inventory.
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